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New quick link to Google Maps measurement load screen. See what your measurements look like in Google Maps, make edits, and save interchangeably.

Orders now auto-activate within one minute of purchase!

You can now interchangeably save and load between Apple Maps and Google Maps!

This is the paid Desktop Browser version of that uses standard Google® Maps.

The regular website uses Apple Maps. Google has more recent satellite views and is higher resolution. With Google, you can also toggle between satellite (new default, more recent) and aerial (more dated, higher resolution) with the four-square icon in the bottom-right of the map.

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There is one measurement credit package for sale (unless you custom order bulk with the Contact link below, billed at the same rate, please allow up to six hours for activation of bulk orders):

$2.99 for 100 desktop search credits (includes one map load per search and Google Street View for most addresses).

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, you will receive a full refund upon your request if you are unhappy with your purchase in any way within the first 7 days and over 50 of your 100 credits remain.

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